Jennifer Hancock, author of The Bully VaccineAuthor Jennifer Hancock is available to act as an expert witness on cases involving bullying, harassment & discrimination.

She is an expert on operant conditioning techniques as they apply to bullying and harassment situations. Operant conditioning are behavioral psychology techniques that involve the active and intentional use of reward and reinforcements to change the behavior of a subject in a desired way.  Ms. Hancock is a specialist in how to use operant conditioning to extinguish unwanted behaviors like bullying and harassment.

There is over 70 plus years of research on the science of behavioral extinction and Ms. Hancock can bring all that knowledge to help you understand what exactly is happening in a bullying or harassment dynamic. Why and how retaliation behavior is triggered. How exactly to control a retaliation dynamic and cause behavioral extinction. (Hint – retaliation is predicted to occur in the behavioral model.)

Areas of Expertise:

  • school bullying
  • workplace bullying
  • harassment
  • retaliation
  • sexual harassment
  • racial discrimination
  •  qualified to testify about corporate policy and implementation/analysis/policy violations & liability, policy compliance and analysis
  • Gender and sexual discrimination/LGBTQ policy/ Women’s Issues
  • HR Policies


Ms. Hancock is the author of The Bully Vaccine and Founder of Humanist Learning Systems where she teaches people how to make bullying stop using behavioral conditioning techniques known as operant conditioning. She studied cognitive psychology in college while apprenticing in these techniques while working as a dolphin trainer for a dolphin language cognition laboratory located in Hawaii. She knows both the science and the practical application of these techniques.


  • Analysis of corporate documents and data to determine standards of performance and compliance
  • Assistance in the strategizing and prioritizing of case issues
  • Consultation and assistance to the attorney with voir dire and other expert testimony
  • Consulting on how to make unwanted behaviors stop for corporate clients
  • Training for lawyers to better understand behavior dynamics at play (MCLE & CLE courses available)

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