The Bully Vaccine Project includes materials and resources that will help you help your child cope with bullying.

Whether the problem you are dealing with is big or small, there is information on this site that can help you.

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What does that mean?

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What people are saying:

The toolkit was very helpful for our young children. Short lessons each week allowed us to share it with our third grader and implement it within the school to manage chronic bullying. Knowing what to say and how to say it makes a difference. The bully tip videos were requested as part of the bedtime story routine and each morning before going into school the kids would put on their force field of compassion. I recommend you use this product to benefit not only your child but all the children in the school. The program works and as we taught it to our older child our younger child learned it and used it too. – Amy (parent)

“You can’t get this information anywhere else, and it’s really helpful. She explains Operant Conditioning and how to extinguish these behaviors and it’s really specific and important if you are working with or dealing with these types of situations in your work or with your own kids. I wish I’d known about her class when my kids were still in school because this would have really helped me to handle a myriad of situations with greater understanding and wisdom. Thanks so much for making these courses available.” – M Hughes

“This is one of the best course about bullying. Its very informative and well framed.”  – T. Sindhuri

“I am a math teacher/educator and the content is very to the point and the techniques presented as well as the science is amazing!” – Robert

My hope

My hope is that you will join this site. Become educated. Use this information to help your child and then share this information with others.

It is time we take bullying seriously and commit to doing something about it.  This isn’t just a rite of passage for our children. Something they need to experience and go through. It is unnecessarily traumatic and very few children are able to figure out how to get bullies to leave them alone. They just resign themselves to living with the abuse.


I’m sorry to be so passionate. but bullying is preventable and kids are dying because of bullying. Some are committing suicide and other are attacking their bullies and killing them.

The tragedy of those incidents is compounded by the fact that the skills kids need to learn are easily taught!

It is your responsibility as a parent to learn what those skills are so you can teach them to your child so that your child doesn’t become a victim.

It is our responsibility as citizens of this world to make sure that no child is left to fend for themselves.  The solution is education.

I need your help

Please join my in this community and do your part to end bullying.

Join this Site!

  • Learn this material.
  • Teach it to your child.
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