Jennifer Hancock, author of The Bully VaccineMy name is Jennifer Hancock. I am the author of The Bully Vaccine and the owner of this website.

The skills I teach are based on Operant Conditioning . These techniques are well established and work so well, they are used by every animal trainer in the country and are the basis for most successful weight loss programs. It is just a matter of applying these behavioral modification principles to the problem of bullying.

Why this site?

The reason I decided to write my book and to create this learning website was to share my knowledge about how to get bullies to stop.

I realized the knowledge I was carrying around in my head about how to effectively deal with bullies and other obnoxious people was too important to stay locked away in my head only benefiting me and my child. I felt it was immoral of me not to share this knowledge when so many people and children are suffering as a result of bullying.

My knowledge was gained from a variety of life experiences. First, I was taught by my mom, how to interact with bullies in a way that would make them not want to bully you. What she taught me worked. I was a shy child with a deformed jaw and yet I was never bullied and the confidence I gained from knowing how to stand my ground in the face of obnoxious people helped me to become the successful and outgoing person I am today. These are the same techniques I have taught my son and that he has put into practice successfully as well.

It turned out that what my mother taught me was based on the principles of Operant Conditioning. As a young adult in college, I had the good fortune to become a trainer of dolphins for a language cognition research facility. It was because I was trained how to train, I learned operant and classical conditioning techniques and how to apply them successfully in a variety of situations.

Benefits Beyond Bullying

Happy Boy who is free of bullyingWhat I am going to teach you is not just techniques you can use to get bullies to stop, though you will learn that. I am going to teach you the reasons why they work so you can apply them to a variety of difficult situations. Most of our struggles in life and problems are a result of interpersonal conflict.

I know these skills transformed me from a shy girl who wouldn’t talk to strangers into a leader of my peers just a few years later. I am now watching a similar transformation occur in my son. It is amazing and heartwarming to watch your child find the courage to stand up for themselves in a way that is both courageous and compassionate. When you learn how to effectively deal with negative people, you lose your fear of them. The effect this has is truly transforming.

Why this is needed

I’m going to be frank with you. The reason I created my book and this website is because kids aren’t just struggling, they are killing themselves and others as a result of the trauma of bullying.

As adults, we can no longer afford to take a passive approach. Yes, this is something kids need to learn, but they don’t have to learn it on their own. We can teach them the skills they need to be successful so that they don’t think their only solution is death.

In order to teach these skills to our children, we have to first educate ourselves. So please join the Bully Vaccine Project and become part of the solution.

  • Learn these skill!
  • Teach your children these skills
  • Share this knowledge with others
  • And pass it on!


Parent Feedback

“I wanted to thank you for all your advice! So far, your approach is spot on and has worked really well. We addressed it with the Head Teacher and he got the other kid’s parents involved. The other kid (the bully) actually came up to my son and said, “sorry, are we cool?” I don’t agree with the advice the school gave my son but he listened to my advice (your advice) and it’s working. Thanks again!” – D. Roberts

“This is one of the best course about bullying. Its very informative and well framed.”  – T. Sindhuri

“You can’t get this information anywhere else, and it’s really helpful. She explains Operant Conditioning and how to extinguish these behaviors and it’s really specific and important if you are working with or dealing with these types of situations in your work or with your own kids. I wish I’d known about her class when my kids were still in school because this would have really helped me to handle a myriad of situations with greater understanding and wisdom. Thanks so much for making these courses available.” – M Hughes

Counselor Feedback

“I don’t think I’ve ever written to an author before, no matter how much I enjoyed a book. This time is an exception, for good reason. Before I have finished reading your book I was able to use it in a counseling session with a client. She came in completely emotionally distraught over an ex-husband bullying her. I was able to use several phrases of yours to help her gain insight into her situation, see the bully for what he is, and help her realize she can improve her situation. She gained hope in 15 minutes! Your book is to have the credit for the success in that moment. I’m so grateful for having read into that little book before she walked into my office. And I had no idea that book was preparing me for that moment. I’ve already found your website, signed up for the newsletter you offer, intend to order at least five more of the book to offer to clients, and to learn more about your brand and practice of humanism. I am a contract clinician at Healing Hearts of Southwest Oklahoma in Lawton, OK. I will share this book and encourage the other clinicians to read it and use it. I guess you might say, You’ve made a believer out of me (I didn’t want to say “disciple”). With gratitude and appreciation,” – D. Strange LPC NCC

Teacher Feedback

“I am a math teacher/educator and the content is very to the point and the techniques presented as well as the science is amazing!”  – Robert

Ways you can help

Good parents teach their children how to stop bullyingIf you find the material in this website helpful, please share it with others and encourage them to become part of the solution too.

Participate in the LIbrary Donation Project to donate a copy of The Bully Vaccine to your local library.

If you are a school interesting in taking a better more science based approach to the problem – please read my white paper on how to create a strategy to eliminate bullying in the schools using behavioral science: