Stop Bullying – for Teachers

A few years ago – I was privilege to give a talk to the teachers at the Shri Ram Schools in New Delhi India. It was an amazing time. I decided to record the presentation and make it available to teachers.

Bullying Tip #33: How can you heal after being bullied?

Surviving Trauma

Bullying is traumatic. It can leave a victim with life long mental health problems.

What to say to a bully

I wish I could tell you magic words that would make bullying stop. But unfortunately – it doesn’t work like that. What I can teach you – is things you can say – that if you say them consistently – will make a bully – want to leave you alone.

Gender Role Bullying

There are no such things as gender roles. Bullying people because of their gender is just – stupid. There. I said it. The question is – how can we shut gender bullying down?