What we call it matters!

I participate in online anti-bullying groups. The normal post is from someone looking for advice on how to help their child who is being bullied. What is shocking to me …

Proxy Problems and Bullying

First, let me explain what a proxy problem is. A proxy problem is the problem you think is your problem, but isn’t really your real problem. It’s standing in for …

No I Don’t!

This was a comment I got on one of my anti-bullying videos. The person was saying, no – they don’t need to feel compassion for their bully. I get it. No one wants to feel bad for a bully. But that’s not the point of feeling compassion.

When Someone Lies about You

Being lied about is upsetting. Our instincts are to defend ourselves from the slander. But is that really the best way to deal with it?