Bullies can be trained to behave better

One of the reasons we have failed to get bullying to stop is because we are focused on bullies being bad and so we think we can punish them to get them to stop. Behavioral change doesn’t work that way. At. All.

Name calling

Name calling is probably one of the first forms of bullying we experience. Being called a name denigrates and dehumanizes. It makes the victim less then human and so not worthy of the normal rules of respect. It is a way to ostracise someone as “other.” This is important to the bullying dynamic because it causes our tribal instincts to kick in. Our group good, other groups evil. If other groups are evil then we have to resist them by whatever means are necessary.

Bullying Tip #33: How can you heal after being bullied?

The appalling impact of bullying

Bullying takes a physical and mental impact on the victim. Understanding just how damaging it is can help us take it more seriously and stop rationalizing why we aren’t doing …

Take bullying seriously

if you are in a school as an adult – you NEED to learn what actually works to get bullying behavior to stop. Also, you need to take bullying seriously because left on its own this behavior escalates. We have decades of research on behavior that explains exactly how and why this happens. Stop being caught off guard, learn the science and start dealing with this appropriately – in other words, in a way that will actually help to make it stop because – you know the science of how to get behaviors to stop.