Bully Vaccine Toolkit Lesson 1 – Operant Conditioning Primer

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Learn what to do about bullyingOperant Conditioning Overview

Welcome to your first lesson in The Bully Vaccine Toolkit.

In this lesson you will learn the basics of operant conditioning and how it can be used to help you eliminate bullying.

To get yourself started and oriented to this lesson plan.  Please read The Bully Vaccine.

Please read your welcome and introduction paper. It will help orient you to the program. I recommend that you take a few days between each lesson to help you and your child absorb the information and the lessons before moving on to the next topic.

Also download and read a copy of The Bully Vaccine – (Available at Amazon in both kindle or paperback version) This course supplements the material in the book.

Operant Conditioning Primer

Additionally, please review the following 1 hour video – it is an operant conditioning primer that explains the principles of operant conditioning which are at the heart of this program.

Coming Up

Lesson 2 will focus on real life examples and to show you how operant conditioning can be used to get bullying to stop.

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