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It’s Not About You

Bullying can have a devastating emotional impact on the victim. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are fairly simple ways you can inoculate yourself against the emotional barrage being directed at you. By harnessing your feelings of compassion for yourself and others, you can help yourself feel stronger and feel less bothered by the negativity being pushed in your direction.

There are fairly simple things you can do to get a bully to stop. It takes courage, emotional balance (gained through the practice of compassion) and a willingness to stick at it until the bullying stops. The main reason why kids fail to get bullying to stop is because they try something and it doesn’t work so they give up. Don’t give up. Giving up will only make your situation worse and more unbearable. Stick with it and ride out the blow out and get it to stop. Once and for all.

Always remember, you are not the one with the problem. The person behaving badly is the one with the problem. Don’t let them draw you into their drama. By practicing compassion, you will become fearless. By sticking with your non-reward strategy even during a blow out, you will not only get the bullying to stop, you will learn that you do indeed have what it takes to stand up for yourself. And, your life will be better. And just possibly, the life of the bully will too. Don’t give up. Stay strong. Be fearless.

It’s not about you video

Successive Approximation Video

Using Compassion as a Tool

Extinction Burst video

 Being Fearless video

Plan of Action Video

Changing Tactics video

 How long does this take video 

How to feel better in the moment video

What to do if your child doesn’t want to do this – for parents –  video

Dealing with mean girls

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