Bully Vaccine Toolkit Lesson 6 – Parent’s Responsibility

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 Lesson 6: Parent’s Responsibility

motherandsonIt is heartbreaking to know your child is being bullied. However, always remember, your child needs you to help them learn how to navigate these difficult and possibly dangerous situations. Your job is to teach them what they need to know and to support them and help them when they need help and are unable to complete a task on their own.

There are fairly simple things you can do to get a bully to stop. It takes courage, emotional balance (gained through the practice of compassion) and a willingness to stick at it until the bullying stops. The main reason why kids fail to get bullying to stop is because they try something and it doesn’t work so they give up. Don’t give up. Giving up will only make your situation worse and more unbearable. Stick with it and ride out the blow out and get it to stop. Once and for all.

In this section you will get 7 tips for parents as well as additional information on how you can help your child overcome bullying.

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