Who do you want to be?

Most humans, including bullies, have a vision of themselves. If you are relatively healthy, you will think you are moral, for the most part, and that when someone is rude to you, they are at fault. But how do you know if you aren’t the problem?

Let’s Get To Work

I am heartbroken every time someone tells me their child is being bullied. I feel like I failed them by not getting them this information sooner. I get mad because we have 70 plus years of research that tell us exactly what we need to teach and yet – we still aren’t teaching it!!!!

Bullying tip #43: Why and how to overcome your fear of the bully in your life.

I get it

Finding the courage to speak up for yourself is scary. I get it. And when someone is mean to us, it catches us off guard. So of course, in the moment, you aren’t likely to respond the way you want. Don’t feel bad about that. Just plan for what you want to say the next time it happens and have a friend or a parent practice this with you.

Imagine If – you weren’t afraid of bullies

None of us should be afraid of bullies. Their behavior is predictable and easy to control. So don’t suffer anymore and don’t allow your child to suffer. Teach them what they need to learn and help them master these skills. They and you will be glad you did.