Bullying can happen to anyone

One of the reasons I teach the things I do – how to stop bullying using behavioral science – is because I know – the only way to resist behavioral conditioning is to understand how it’s happening. That way – hopefully – you can identify what is happening and intellectually resist. If you don’t recognize what is going on – you won’t figure it out until it is too late.

Should you be ashamed of your biases?

We all have biases. It’s a natural shortcut our brain takes as we size up people we don’t know. Are they part of OUR tribe? Or not. We all should take care that to recognize when our brains label someone – OTHER. and check and see whether that is true or not.

Do you hate bullies?

What works is to no longer respond to the bullying the way the bully wants. Being upset and angry – is an emotional response. Your anger, may actually be rewarding to the bully. That’s the first reason to not allow your anger to consume you.