Identify & Remove Reward

I was a speaker at the recent World Anti-Bullying Forum. My subject was “Integrating behavioral psychology into reactive strategies to end bullying.” I want to share with you some of the questions during the Q&A. But first, the video.

Bullying tip #51: Why we should call bullying by it's real name.

What we call it matters!

I participate in online anti-bullying groups. The normal post is from someone looking for advice on how to help their child who is being bullied. What is shocking to me …

Proxy Problems and Bullying

First, let me explain what a proxy problem is. A proxy problem is the problem you think is your problem, but isn’t really your real problem. It’s standing in for …

No I Don’t!

This was a comment I got on one of my anti-bullying videos. The person was saying, no – they don’t need to feel compassion for their bully. I get it. No one wants to feel bad for a bully. But that’s not the point of feeling compassion.