Social Groups and Bullying

There are many ways to stand up to a bully. Sometimes it involves, actually standing up, but really, all it is is removing their reward. I realize this isn’t helpful on it’s own, so let me give you an example of what I mean using social groups as the tool.

Practicing Compassion when you are angry and afraid

It’s hard to be a compassionate person when you are afraid. You may not feel like it and you may think your anger is justified. Here’s a little tip. Compassion will help you feel better – immediately. Do this for you, not your bully.

Wishing doesn’t work

It doesn’t matter how much you want a problem to just go away. Wishing it away doesn’t work. This is especially true if the problem is bullying.

Conflict is not bullying

Conflicts arise out of disagreement. They are equals – fighting. Bullying is a power dynamic. A person with power is using that power to hurt another person. Both bullying and …