Why I Wrote a Book About How to Use Behavioral Psychology to Stop Bullying

I wrote the book because kids were committing suicide because of bullying. I thought, the science of how to make unwanted behaviors stop is something kids need to learn. And since no one else was teaching it – I would.

I’m so glad I did. I recently got a message from a mother who told me her son was being bullied and became suicidal and my book helped him get to a better place and he’s now thriving. She said that whenever something comes up now – they sit down together and figure out how to address it using the principles I explain in my book. He trusts his mom enough to talk to her about difficult things and they work it out together.

I’m overcome with emotions right now. She said my book is the most valuable tool she has a parent.

I’m so glad my husband supported me so I could write the book and teach this, even when things were financially difficult for us.

I’m so glad this child is no longer suicidal and is now thriving and confident in how he deals with obnoxious people. And I’m so glad this parent reached out to let me know. This is exactly what I hoped to accomplish by writing this book.

As an author, I encourage you to reach out to authors whose books helped you or made a profound impact on you. Feedback like this is what keeps us going.