Identify & Remove Reward

I was a speaker at the recent World Anti-Bullying Forum. My subject was “Integrating behavioral psychology into reactive strategies to end bullying.” I want to share with you some of the questions during the Q&A. But first, the video.

Proxy Problems and Bullying

First, let me explain what a proxy problem is. A proxy problem is the problem you think is your problem, but isn’t really your real problem. It’s standing in for …

Bullying can happen to anyone

One of the reasons I teach the things I do – how to stop bullying using behavioral science – is because I know – the only way to resist behavioral conditioning is to understand how it’s happening. That way – hopefully – you can identify what is happening and intellectually resist. If you don’t recognize what is going on – you won’t figure it out until it is too late.

Using these techniques to help people

So yes, these techniques can be used for evil. And they are, all the time. What I hope to accomplish by teaching them is enabling victims to resist so that they are not harmed by those who would do evil to them.