Overcoming negative emotions

Figuring out how to strategically deal with emotionally difficult situations is an important life skill and it’s one you can practice and learn. Those who do – handle things – maturely and gain respect.

Helping Other Parents

Bullies are gonna bully and haters are gonna hate. What we all need is a strategy to deal with it when it happens. Sticking our heads in the sand and then freaking out when it happens, isn’t working all that well.

Violence Isn’t the Answer

I get it – most people have no idea how to get bullying to stop, so they get desperate. But how about instead of teaching your kid to use incredibly aggressive and totally not appropriate violent methods to stop a 6 year old from bullying, why not teach them how to disarm bullies using their words instead?

How can Parents Help?

Last summer a mother in Minnesota posted a video of her son and daughter talking about bullying in their school. It’s heartbreaking to watch. The kids are distraught because even …