Stop Bullying – for Teachers

A few years ago – I was privilege to give a talk to the teachers at the Shri Ram Schools in New Delhi India. It was an amazing time. I decided to record the presentation and make it available to teachers.

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What sort of education do kids need to deal with bullying?

The problem is that the most effective bullying prevention programs don’t help everyone. They help encourage kids to be “upstanders” but they don’t really do much to help kids who are dealing with a chronic bullying problem. Once bullying has become chronic, what the kids need now is to be taught how to get it to stop.

Bully Proofing a Child

How can I bully proof my child. The answer is that you can’t bully proof a child. What you can do is teach them how to respond to a bully so that if and when a bully challenges your child they learn very quickly to leave your child alone. Here’s how.