Conflict is not bullying

Conflicts arise out of disagreement. They are equals – fighting. Bullying is a power dynamic. A person with power is using that power to hurt another person. Both bullying and …

Bullying Tip #16: Stop Bullying with Compassion

Bullying and Conflict

Bullies – almost always see themselves as being in conflict. The best way to deal with this is to assume everyone will respond well to behavior redirection – until they don’t.


Recently – I got into an argument with someone. I felt like I was being disrespected. Turns out – they felt I was disrespecting them. We were both feeling disrespected …

Civil behavior as a condition of conflict resolution

Conflicts aren’t a problem if both people are behaving civilly and professionally. They only become a problem if one or both parties start behaving inappropriately. The problem then isn’t conflict resolution. It’s inappropriate behavior.