What to say to a bully

I wish I could tell you magic words that would make bullying stop. But unfortunately – it doesn’t work like that. What I can teach you – is things you can say – that if you say them consistently – will make a bully – want to leave you alone.

Feminazi as a slur

I really dislike the use of these terms because it’s a way to avoid having important conversations and it’s a way to avoid learning.

Beat Bullying by Not Fighting

Getting the best of a bully doesn’t mean adopting their tactics. It means being strategic and allowing the bully to show off how much of a jerk they really are. …

Bullies Bully because it works

How minor or major can bullying be?

The term bullying is overused and largely meaningless. And yet, it’s a word we continue to use. Why? Bullying is hard to define. It isn’t about any particular behavior. It’s …