Kids Need Our Help

Younger sister offers comfort to her big sister after a fall.

Earlier in the fall, a letter to Santa made the internet rounds. It was from a boy asking Santa to help his sister who was being bullied. If you missed this – here is the story:

Kids need our help. They aren’t always able to articulate and despite us telling them toreport things that are happening. They don’t. Even my son doesn’t report things he should at times and whenever he does and his problem is solved, I think, hopefully this time the message will sink in – reporting works!

The problem is that kids know they need to sort out their interpersonal problems themselves. And they try to. And sometimes they succeed and sometimes they don’t.

Our job as parents and active members of our community is to remember, kids need our help. If a child comes to you with a problem, take it seriously. It is rare for a kid to come to an adult with a problem at all so if they do, assume it is probably serious.

I hope Santa was wonderful to Ryan and his sister Amber (from the story). And I hope he was good to you and yours as well.

Jen Hancock, Author of The Bully Vaccine

PS – if you want to know why I put my blog behind a wall – where you have to register for the website to be able to read it – I want people to be able to comment and ask questions without those questions being seen by the general public. I’m not trying to make it more difficult for people to access this information, I just want to make sure they can access it safely and securely without repercussion. 

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