New CA anti-Harassment laws

Last year – CA added a requirement to their sexual harassment training that employers provide training on gender identity and preference harassment. This year – they passed a law expanding who needs to be trained – which is every employee at a company with 5 or more employees.

The big change is that it used to be just supervisors at companies with 50 or more people. Now- it’s small businesses – really small businesses. And it includes all staff – not just supervisors.

The good news is that I offer – sexual harassment training that is compliant with CA law.  And – it’s only and if you have only a few people – I can help you. You pay by the person. And because it’s online – it’s cost effective and will help your staff learn the behavioral based interventions they need to know to keep themselves and their coworkers safe – while also providing them with the information they need to know to help their kids – stop bullying.  Triple Plus Good.

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I am actually really proud of my SB 396 supplemental material  – so I am sharing it here.

If you want a science based harassment training – hire me.