Should you be ashamed of your biases?

I teach an online course – several actually – about bullying and harassment. One of the courses – is a free course about Uncovering and Controlling Your Unconcious Bias.

This course was created by By Abe Markman, Member of The NY Society for Ethical Culture with the assistance of Jennifer Hancock, Humanist Learning Systems to help people understand the latest science about how unconscious biases effect our decision making.

As part of this free online course – people take implicit bias tests. They are also asked to answer some reflection questions. One of my participants wrote something I really like and want to share here.

No I don’t think you need to be ashamed of your bias, but it is important to know what they are so you are careful so it does not intentionally harm another person.

– M.W.

We all have biases. It’s a natural shortcut our brain takes as we size up people we don’t know. Are they part of OUR tribe? Or not. We all should take care that to recognize when our brains label someone – OTHER. and check and see whether that is true or not.

People are people. I have been all over the world talking about ethics and how to compassionately respond to difficult situations. What I can tell you is that ever where I go – people are basically the same. I’ve been told I sound just like an Indian, or a Mulsim, or an Italian or a Spaniard or a Chinese person.

Give people a chance to show you who they really are and your life will become richer and nicer. The way to do that – is to acknowledge your biases.