Bullying Tip #35: Why bullies bully and why their insecurity matters.

On Spite

Some bullying is spite. The person is angry or afraid and they don’t’ know how to express that emotion or they are unable to (impotent) and their emotion comes out as spiteful behavior.

Compassionate Non-Compliance

How long does this take?

How long does it take? Well, are you dealing with someone who is in control of their behavior or not? If they are, a few days to a few weeks tops. If they aren’t, it can take longer.

An important lesson about bullying.

Allison Corr created a wonderful comic called, The Bully – see – http://allisonillustration.tumblr.com/post/93320197050/the-bully-this-comic-i-made-over-a-year-ago-but What’s nice about this comic is that it illustrates the fact, yes fact, that often bullies are …