How bad can sibling bullying be?

Kids can be mean. We all know that. And older siblings will often torment their younger siblings as sport – something to do because they are bored, or because they think it is fun. It’s hard as a parent to distinguish arguments and fighting from genuine bullying that is going on. After all, conflicts among people are normal, aren’t they?

It’s Not about You

How many times have you been told, that when you are bullied, it’s not about you. Your first thought is – of course it’s about me – it’s happening to me!!!! Well, yeah – but it’s still not about you.

Different types of work related bullying

The assumption is that the specific form of bullying dictates our response. And it doesn’t. Not really. Because they are all following the same dynamic and the protocol to get unwanted behavior – whatever it is and whatever we call it – to stop is the same.

Can bullying be stopped?

One of the problems we have when addressing bullying in schools is that most anti-bullying programs focus on prevention only. Prevention is hugely important. But it’s an incomplete strategy. After all, prevention only helps kids who haven’t yet been bullied. We also need to help kids who are currently being bullied learn how to get it to stop. What we need is a more comprehensive approach.