No I Don’t!

This was a comment I got on one of my anti-bullying videos. The person was saying, no – they don’t need to feel compassion for their bully. I get it. No one wants to feel bad for a bully. But that’s not the point of feeling compassion.

Hating Bullies

No one likes a bully. No one. Not even the bully. It is very easy to get mad and angry and even hate bullies, but hating a bully isn’t going to make you feel better.

When no one knows how to help you stop a bully, it's easy to become frustrated.

Fear and anger – self control

Learning how to calm yourself down so that a) you don’t succumb to the fear and b) so you can respond strategically to get a bully to leave you alone is an important life skill to learn.  And it is learn-able.