Signs of Bullying

we can’t wait for kids to tell us something is wrong. We have to be tuned into their behavior to see if any patterns emerge

How bad can sibling bullying be?

Kids can be mean. We all know that. And older siblings will often torment their younger siblings as sport – something to do because they are bored, or because they think it is fun. It’s hard as a parent to distinguish arguments and fighting from genuine bullying that is going on. After all, conflicts among people are normal, aren’t they?

Bullying and Sports

Exploring the connection between adults abusing kids in sports and bullying in the schools. A study at Indiana University back in 2012 looked at the impact of masculinity and bullying …

Kids Need Our Help

Earlier in the fall, a letter to Santa made the internet rounds. It was from a boy asking Santa to help his sister who was being bullied. If you missed …