Bullying tip #44: How to loose your fear of bullies.

Be Awesome.

You remove the reward by owning your awesomeness. They will escalate. Get frustrated and eventually leave you alone. They will get worse – before they give up. This is to be expected. It’s part of the process. It even has a name: Extinction Burst and it’s well studied

Strategy to Combat Bullying

The goal of this strategy is to implement programs that will not only drastically reduce bullying by 80 to 90% but that will work effectively at the local level and be scalable at the national and international levels.

Your role as a parent

No one wants to see their kid bullied. It puts a pit right in the center of your stomach. There is little you can do to help them, but that …

It should not have gotten this far

Bullying isn’t harmless.  It should not be tolerated. And if left to fester, it escalates and that escalation can include physical violence that can rob a child of their future!