It should not have gotten this far

If bullying escalates to the point of violence, it means the adults around the situation – failed. Period.

 Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

A student is suing her school district for brain damage caused by bullying. She was punched in the face by her bully and suffered permanent brain damage as a result.

Bullying isn’t harmless.  It should not be tolerated. And if left to fester, it escalates and that escalation can include physical violence that can rob a child of their future!

I understand that schools and teachers feel like there isn’t much they can do, but there actually is. The – we are doing all we can – is a cop out. Because it should never get to the point where one child feels entitled enough to punch another child in the face!

The child being bullied was told to ignore it and it would go away. Instead – what happened was that the bullying escalated and the victim is left with permanent brain damage!

Teachers, parents and administrators. Listen up!  You have a duty to learn how bullying behavior is stopped using behavioral science techniques. You have a duty to learn how to apply this knowledge to situations in your school.  And you have a duty to understand that any attempt to stop bullying is going to result in escalation (escalation is predicted). As a result – you need to take steps to protect the victim from the bully.  That means isolating the bully if necessary!

It should never have gotten to this point. It got to this point because the adults around these kids failed them. Learn what you need to know to get these situations to stop. And stop the madness.

Sorry to rant but this should NEVER have happened.

I have a lot of free material on this website. Free books. Free online programs. You have no excuse. Learn this and stop bullying.