This is very simple

Harssment is never ok. Harassing someone because you are in conflict with them is totally unprofessional.

Depressed Businessman Sitting At Outdoors” by stockimages

There has been a backlash to the #metoo movement. Men are afraid they are going to get into trouble. This is because they don’t really understand what the problem is.

If you are behaving professionally – you won’t get into trouble If you are behaving unprofessionally – you will get in trouble.

Very few men actually harass women. In my experience. It happens, but it isn’t the norm. Most men think most men are like them. But they don’t necessarily realize that their male co-worker – complaining that women are complaining – is doing something to women that is unprofessional.

Men – if you don’t see it – it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. If a man is complaining about women – it’s probably because women – are complaining about him – for good reason.

Take a step back – realize that not all men are like you – nice and respectful. And that – no you are not in danger, just the handsy inappropriate guys are.
You keep being the professional person you are. Don’t take advantage of a situation with a woman – and you will be fine. And please stop defending the guys we are complaining about.

And if you have done something wrong to dehumanize, degrade or abuse an individual – apologize and don’t do it again.