Training that focuses on the law – doesn’t work

I realize that I have been focusing on sexual harassment training for a while. But harassment in the workplace is a form of bullying. It’s what bullies do – when they grow up and join the workforce. Understanding how to get harassment to stop – helps us understand how to get bullying to stop.

In fact – the entire reason I provide sexual harassment training to companies – is because – I want to teach how to stop bullying to parents. Where are parents? In the workplace – being subjected to harassment training that talks about the law – and doesn’t tell them how to make unwanted behavior – like bullying or harassment stop by providing a sexual harassment training that focuses – on how to make unwanted behavior stop.

I’m not the only one. My friend Catherine M. Mattice posted a video a while back on this very topic.

You can learn more about Catherine and her work at her website:

The point is – telling people – it’s against the law – doesn’t change behavior. In fact – it actually has adverse consequences – where males decide the best way to not break the law – is to exclude women entirely!  Which – is also harmful.

If you want to learn how to actually make unwanted behavior stop. And more importantly – you want a sexual harassment training for your staff that will help empower them to make bullying in the workplace stop – hire me. Seriously. Just hire me. Or take one of my online courses.