We should admire people – especially women – who speak out

It takes courage – that’s a good quality to have.

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There is a stigma against women who report harassment and bullying. Especially if the report involves sexual harassment. That needs to end.

Skepchick recently spoke out on the science of what happens when you report sexual assault. Hint – it impacts your future job prospects as people view you as a a trouble maker when you report harassment.

People who are hiring, view the reports and think – oh – she’s a trouble maker. But I don’t think that’s the right lesson and neither does she. It takes a lot of courage to speak out when something is wrong. That is a good quality to have. It means the person in question is ethical and doesn’t tolerate bad behavior from anyone.

Don’t most companies want that in employees? Apparently not. Most want compliant do what they are told people – which is exactly why most companies have problems with bullying and harassment.

Imagine what the world would be like if – we treated people who speak up about inappropriate behavior like the heros they really are? (sigh)

Ok – here is the link to her post – and it includes a video – https://skepchick.org/2019/06/the-stigma-against-women-who-report-sexual-harassment-and-why-ill-never-have-a-normal-job-again/

The good news is – and this is super important – that while reporting harassment against yourself carries a penalty – reporting harassment happening to others – helps your social status.

So – everyone. Don’t keep your head done. If you see something, say something. With the permission of the victim. Help protect your fellow travelers. Don’t wait until it happens to you. Be a hero, and help someone else out by reporting harassment and bullying when you see it.

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