How to prove bullying and slander?

This is a question I got that gives me more thoughts than answers.

So the quick answer is that – to prove bullying – you have to prove that this is a pattern of behavior that serves no legitimate purpose except to upset or harass you. To do that – you need to keep a log and document what is happening. You do not need to respond. In fact – it’s better if you don’t.

What you want your documentation to show is that – this happened more than once and that it served no legitimate purpose. That means – if you fight or argue with them – they can argue that they were fighting back – and that would be viewed as a legitimate purpose.

So – start by downloading my documentation log and document – everything. And I mean everything. An incident may seem insignificant in isolation – but to prove bullying, you don’t look at an isolated incident – you prove a pattern of behavior – so – document everything.

The next question is how to prove – slander. Slander is making a false statement to harm a person’s reputation. This is often a part of bullying. In fact – it’s a big part of bullying. Slander is a common bullying tactic.

My honest advice? Don’t worry about proving that a bully is slandering you. Just prove that they are bullying you. If you get into an argument about how what they are saying isn’t true – – they will win that as that will act as a legitimate reason for their behavior.

I know it’s hard to believe – but you want to keep the focus on the bully and their behavior. Don’t allow them to switch the topic to you or your behavior.

I realize it is really hard to do nothing while people lie about you. But I’ve been through this personally on multiple occasions. I assure you – my reputation is just fine. Most people understood that the bully was lying – once it became clear – the person was a bully.

Also – don’t assume that people who aren’t speaking up to defend you – believe the bully. The probably don’t believe the bully. They may be victims themselves. Most people respond to lies – by ignoring them. So – don’t assume silence is belief of the lie. It probably isn’t.

The good news is that bullies aren’t very creative. I have a post on this:

I have not once responded to slander. It’s not true and I don’t need to defend myself from lies. What matters – is not me – it’s the liar. So – focus on that.

If someone asks me whether I heard what someone else said about me I say – no – I don’t pay attention to what bullies have to say. And I leave it at that. And then I watch the person’s jaw drop in awe of my courage.

I a bully confronts me directly, I don’t defend myself – I smile – look directly at them and ask them why they feel so compelled to spread rumors about other people. And then wait for their response. If they don’t back off – I repeat my question. The problem isn’t me- it’s them.

This really does work.

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