Impatience and Reality

When people are dealing with bullying they just want it to stop. I get that. But the reality is, getting unwanted behavior to stop takes time. Impatience is real. What need to teach kids isn’t that they just have to deal with this, but that they can do this and that it’s worth taking the time to do it.

There is no magic bullet when it comes to bullying. The process of making bullying stop takes time. That is the reality. No one experiencing bullying wants to hear this. But it’s reality. And we can’t make reality go away just because we don’t like it.

Learning to constructively deal with reality and to take the responsibility to make sure hard things get done, is something kids can not only learn, once they learn it, it gives them confidence. They don’t have to wait for a magic moment or for someone else to save them. There are things they can do to take control of the situation, whatever it is, and make it stop. And yes, they can do this. It’s up to us parents to help teach them and encourage them to stick with it when the going gets hard.

Kids get impatient. That is to be expected. We all get impatient at times. Especially when our kids are dealing with something scary and dangerous like bullying. But we don’t help them by getting impatient.

Stopping bullying is a process. It takes time. But to do it requires an acceptance of that reality and learning the science based skills that will help you make this stop.

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