Let’s Get To Work

The reason I wrote my book and maintain this blog is because – I want to help kids who are being bullied, learn how to make them stop using science based techniques that actually work.

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We have 7 plus decades of research into how to make unwanted behavior stop. We should be using this knowledge to help kids stop kids from bullying.

Imagine the sort of world we would have if kids weren’t bullied. It’s a future worth working towards.

But I cannot do it alone. I cannot help people if they do not know that I exist. People need to know that help, real help, is available.

Learning how to stop a bully is not rocket science. It is easy to teach. We just need to make sure what we teach is comprehensive and is based on the behavioral science of unlearning – how we make unwanted behavior stop.

Parents need to learn this and teachers need to learn this so that they can in turn – teach it to the kids in their care.

So please – share my website. Spread the word. Help make this a reality.

Everything on this website is free. The only thing I can’t give away is the book. The good news is by purchasing the book, you are helping to financially support me so that I can continue to do this work! You are also helping other people learn about this approach.

Every time you share this knowledge with someone else, you are helping a kid learn how to stand up for themselves and stop bullying – in a way that is both effective and powerfully ethical. To let’s get to work and get this knowledge into the hands of the people who need to learn it.