No-Cost Anti-Bullying Resources for Elementary Schools: Videos for Teachers and Students Alike

Looking for a way to address bullying in your elementary school? Check out the free anti-bullying videos from The Bully Vaccine Project!

These videos are designed to help teachers and students understand the behavioral science of bullying and learn the skills they need to prevent it from happening. With short 10-minute videos for kids and in-depth resources for educators, these videos are a great tool for promoting a safe and respectful learning environment.

Best of all, these videos are completely free with no licensing required, making it easy for schools to use them to educate their students and staff. If you’re looking for an effective, evidence-based way to address bullying in your school, check out the anti-bullying videos from The Bully Vaccine Project today!

Resources for Teachers, Administrators and Counselors:

Teacher Training Video: This lesson was originally delivered to the teachers of the Shri Ram Schools in New Delhi India. The full lesson is here:

The Bully Vaccine Toolkit This is an indepth training that takes a few hours to complete. It includes an operant conditioning primer and real life examples to help you understand the science behind what has to happen to make unwanted behavior like bullying. This science has 70+ years of research behind it. There is only one known way to make unwanted behavior to stop. This is essential learning for anyone who is serious about actually fixing the problem:

5 Point Plan to Stop Bullying in Schools – In order to stop bullying, we need to create a strategy that will help us impact all the influencers and inputs that are causes of bullying and provide interventions when necessary for maladaptive and mental illness related bullying. This strategy paper will help you create a comprehensive strategy to deal with bullying and have it actually work – because it’s based on science.

Resources for Students:

Free Video Lesson: Why Bullies Bully And How to Stop Them Using Science

Downloadable resources:

53 Short Video Tips and Tricks to help children more effectively cope with bullying

Resources for Parents:

Free Video Lesson: Why Bullies Bully And How to Stop Them Using Science

7 Ways to Help Your Child Cope With Bullies