Resources for Teachers

I occasionally get teachers who reach out to me about how to use this information in their schools.

Learn what to do about bullying

Video Lesson Just for Teachers

First – here is a lecture I did for teachers on how to stop bullying

This lesson can also be provided as a in service training – and can be done virtually and with certificates of completion over at my company Humanist Learning Systems. Contact me to set up at:

Strategy to Combat Bullying

I created a 5 part strategy that can be implemented on how to combat bullying in the schools using behavioral science and change management as the basis. This should be useful when you think about how to approach bullying as a systems response problem.

The Book

I literally wrote a book that goes into details on the science.

Online Courses, Tips and Tricks

I have a variety of free online courses and tips and tricks on this website. Here is a link to the main ones.


I have handy cheat sheets, documentation logs and other materials you can download and use with your students.

Let me know if you need anything else or would like to schedule a training with me.