Surviving Trauma

Bullying is traumatic. It can leave a victim with life long mental health problems.

Bullying Tip #33: How can you heal after being bullied?

I was stalked once as an adult. I have PTSD from the experience. It turns out that – long term harassment – that you can’t escape – can cause brain rewiring that causes responses to certain triggers.

I don’t always have control over my response. Certain things just bypass normal reasoning and create a fight/flight response. To say it’s unpleasant is an understatement.

The same thing can happen with bullying. That is one of the reasons why I teach what I teach.

The point is that – you can cope with the trauma and learn how to live more productively and without your triggers triggering you so badly that you can’t function.

I got help. I found a therapist who specialized in PTSD and she helped me – reclaim my life.

If you are carrying around trauma. Get help.