Practicing compassion when you are angry and afraid

One of the hardest things to do – when you are being bullied, is to practice compassion. Bullies are scary. It’s hard to even think of being nice when we are scared. In fact, it’s hard to think at all when we are scared.

Don’t Let Fear Stop You

Bullying can really mess with a person’s mind. It can cause us to avoid situations where we think we may get hassled. Please don’t let your fear stop you from doing the things you want to do.

When no one knows how to help you stop a bully, it's easy to become frustrated.

Fear and anger – self control

Learning how to calm yourself down so that a) you don’t succumb to the fear and b) so you can respond strategically to get a bully to leave you alone is an important life skill to learn.  And it is learn-able.