Testimonial – Practicing Kindness

A person who has taken one of the free online courses I offer – emailed me the other day to tell me about the impact my course had on their child.  They gave me permission to share the story here (details about who and where and what are omitted to protect the identity of the children involved.

“Hi Jennifer. I have a 8 year old son who was listening in when I was taking this course. There is a special needs boy in our neighborhood who bullies my son by sometimes pulling my son’s cap and throwing and shouting etc. My son’s behavior towards the bully changed from being scared to approaching him with kindness. They now say hi to each other and have even played for 1 hour last week without any issues.”

It’s amazing to see that sort of growth in little kids – isn’t it. And this story illustrates how important kindness and compassion really are and how even young kids – get it.

To learn more or take this course – here is the link: https://bullyvaccineproject.com/why-bullies-bully-how-to-stop-them-using-science/