What do you tell a child that’s being bullied? What do you tell a child that is a bully?

What do you tell a child that is being bullied?

You teach a child who is being bullied, what to say – you practice saying it with them. You let them know what exactly you want them to do when it happens again. And then you also tell them what the bully will do in response to them doing whatever it is you just told them to do and what you want them to do WHEN the bully retaliates or escalates their behavior.

Then, you check in daily and get updates, coach them through the process and follow up with the school until the bullying is made to stop. This is a process that takes a few weeks to complete.

Here is a free video lesson on the subject: Why Bullies Bully & How to Stop Them Using Science

What do you tell a child that is a bully?

It’s more – what you do if your child is a bully. And again, this is a process that plays out over time. You tell them to stop. You follow up with the teacher to get daily updates about whether or not your child behaved well. You reward them on the days they behave well. And you eliminate rewards on the days they don’t. And you stay on it daily until their behavior changes. Usually takes a month or so if the behavior is new and mild. If the behavior has been going on for a while – it may take longer and you may need to consult a professional counselor to get help in modifying your child’s behavior. Here is a free online video lesson on the subject: What to do if your child is a bully