Why are kids/people mean to you?

There is an anti-bullying educator I really love.  If I did programs for kids  (which I don’t – I teach adults and teachers), Brooke Gibbs is how I’d want kids to be taught. He is science based, humanistic and funny.

He recently posted a video about why kids/people are mean to you.


His answer is very easy to understand and abides by the rule of threes.

  1. They are trying to be funny and failed. In which case – have some humility and forgive them and have a good laugh.

2. They think you are being mean to them and are trying to protect themselves, in which case – have some humility and try being nice and apologize. As my mom used to say – it takes 2 people to fight.

3. They are trying to dominate you. In which case – be nice, but don’t let them.

The first two involve your child learning how to better interact with other kids. The last one requires your child to learn how to stand up for themselves in an ethical way.

To learn more about the work of Brooke Gibbs – check out his link: https://www.brooksgibbs.com/