Bystanders – This is How You Do It

We all need to no longer tolerate inappropriate behavior. Most people would agree with this statement, but don’t actually act upon their convictions. To help you understand what it looks like when you stand up and say – this behavior isn’t ok – let me share a story from Bollywood (the Indian film industry).

A famous actor (who I actually really like) Sushant Singh Rajput, was rude to another actor at a party (this other actor is not as famous and has a questionable behavioral background).

Salman Khan, who is hugely popular and a humanist, found out about the incident. Called up Sushant and told him his behavior was totally unacceptable. Sushant apologized and promised to never behave like that again.

Salman Khan and Sushant Singh Rajput
from Filmfare


Imagine if we all responded like that when someone we know behaved inappropriately. Imagine if people were told by others they respected – you cannot and should not act like that. Would the world be a better place? Probably.

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Bystanders wield a tremendous amount of power. We should use that power to help encourage people to behave better even in situations where they may feel justified.

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