Is it ok to seek revenge on old bullies?

In a word: No.


I’m 14 and I want to beat up and get revenge on my old bullies. Is that wrong?


Yes. It’s wrong. It’s an understandable emotion. The desire to seek revenge is something that almost everyone feels at some point. But to do that is definitely wrong and more importantly – it won’t help you.
The collective wisdom of humanity, though, is that it’s not worth pursuing as it almost never ends well. The most likely outcome is that you will get in trouble and you won’t actually get your revenge.

The best revenge is to actually live well and not think of them anymore. I realize that is easier said then done, but … it’s true. When you focus on them and the way they hurt you – you are giving them your mental energy. When you find yourself thinking these sorts of thoughts, try and change what you are thinking about. I do this by acknowledging my thoughts and then simply telling myself I am going to think of something more pleasant – like something you are looking forward to. If you practice this enough, you will think of them and stew over them less and less.

Good luck.

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