Majority of Women Harassed at Work

In a headline that shocked no one – an Australian news outlet reported that a majority of women are harassed at work according to a study that apparently startled the news reporters and no one else.

Ok – first the link:

According to the study: 64 per cent of women and 34 per cent of men reported being harassed to the researchers.

More than 82 per cent of harassers were men, but most of the behavior is not being reported to employers.

While almost 59 per cent of people disclosed their experience of harassment to another person, just 26.7 per cent pursued a formal complaint against their harasser.

This is what sexism in the workplace looks like. And it doesn’t just impact women!!!!!

For the record, sexism negatively impacts the workplace. It manifests as harassment and bullying and it’s not always about sex. In fact, it’s rarely about sex. It’s about power and the ways certain men (not all) use aggression to control social situations and group dynamics.

So what should we do with this information?

  1. Take bullying and harassment seriously.
  2. Understand that sexism is bullying
  3. Bullying has negative cascading effects on every business.
  4. Learn how to stop it.

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