Mom on a Mission – Bullying Elimination through SCIENCE!

I wrote a book called The Bully Vaccine – which teaches how to get a bully to stop – actually stop – using operant conditioning which is the application of behavioral psychology. cropped-cropped-projectlogo111.jpgAnd yes, it does work. My book is used by my local school districts mental health teams and mental health professionals all over the country can get ce for reading it.
It really is based on science.

Isn’t it time we start using science to solve this problem instead of teaching kids platitudes like – ignore them and they will go away – which doesn’t work because it triggers an extinction burst (meaning it makes things escalate and get worse), without telling people what to do after they trigger the frigging extinction burst.

I know how to get bullying to stop. I know how to extinguish unwanted behaviors like bullying, using what are essentially the same techniques you would use to train a dog or a dolphin. But this knowledge doesn’t do anyone any good if they don’t know about it and my reach is very very small. Every day I read the paper, see another kid commit suicide and think – eff. I’m not doing a good enough job getting this knowledge out there.

So I was wondering if you all can help. What I teach underlies all obnoxious behavior dynamics – whether it is bullying, abusive relationships, office jerks or dogs barking incessantly. It also applies to superstitious behaviors of all sorts. (Like I said – this is the behavioral science behind why behaviors are so hard to eliminate).

What I want you to do is to learn this information yourself (I have lots of free material on this website and or – buy the book) and once you have learned it – share it and pass it on to others. That would be awesome and would help get the knowledge out there.