Moral Discipline and bullying

 We’ll never raise moral children by disciplining them immorally.

I have been chatting a lot lately with my new friend Izrael Kalman. He is a psychologist who specializes in helping children deal effectively with bullying. We found each other at the World Anti-Bullying Forum. We are both interested in using science to help solve the problem of bullying. 

He has a post about moral discipline of children that I want to share. 

The basic gist is, you can’t create moral children using immoral means.  It has to do with how we deal with bullying, using a legal model instead of a behavioral and ethical model.

I keep tellling people that – the science tells us that the best way to fix behavioral problems is by taking a humanistic approach, meaning, we treat the person behaving badly, with dignity and compassion. It really does work. It’s the only thing that does.

This is why I focus so much of my time teaching applied behavioral science.