Parents – please learn this

It is the parent’s job to teach their child the social skills necessary to succeed in the world. Learning how to stop bullies, is a necessary social skill!

Good parents teach their children how to stop bullying

Parents, if you were never taught how exactly to get a bully to stop, please learn it. There is a science to it. Yes, an actual science. It’s called behavioral psychology and there is 70+ years of research into the subject of how behaviors are learned and unlearned. More importantly, we actually know how to cause unlearning to occur, which is what we are talking about when we are talking about stopping bullying!

You already use some of these techniques with your child. What you need to do is understand the basics of how behaviors are conditioned and how this knowledge applies to the problem of bullying. Once you know that you are now able to coach your child on how exactly to fix the social situations they find themselves in. And as you teach your child these skills, they will grow in confidence. It’s empowering for someone to learn how to get someone who is hurting them to stop.

Learn how to do this and then teach it to your child. But don’t stop there, share this information with your friends so that they can learn it, teach it and pass it on as well.

My website has a LOT of free material on it including lessons on how to get bullying to stop, how to talk to your child’s school, and what to do if your child is accused of bullying. I also have a book and other materials for more advanced learning if you require it. Just learn it, teach it and pass it on to others. Let’s create a revolution in how we deal with bullying.