Removing Fear

People can be scary. Especially the mean ones. So, how can we remove our fear to deal with them effectively?

Young Couple with Two Children (8-12) Walking on the Beach — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

The answer, believe it or not is love. Or rather, a form of love called Compassion.

I find compassion takes away my fear. It helps me turn someone mean from a monster, into a human, just like me. I don’t need to be afraid of them, I need to feel sorry for them.

This attitude shift, allows me to deal with them effectively and to make them stop, without turning me into them. I can handle mean people with love and compassion. I don’t have to be mean back.

When you next encounter a mean person, stop thinking about how afraid you are and start thinking how sad it is that they are so afraid they are behaving badly.

Once you are calm, you can then think rationally about how to respond or even whether to respond, knowing that your response, won’t add to the problem.

This works. If you want to learn more and learn how to practice this is in real life, join the website, view the videos, get the book, or take any of the free online programs.

Best of luck.