Sexual Assault Happens to Men Too

The #MeToo movement has been powerful. People who have been assaulted have been telling their stories. Part of the reason they are doing this – is not to get people in trouble – but to release the guilt they have about being a victim.

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This may seem strange to people who have not been victimized, but it’s hard not to feel responsible for what happens to yourself. And when someone violates you – it’s hard – not to take it personally. And people do.

The problem is – this makes future victims feel alone. And in the case of serial harassers and rapists – it makes it easier for them to victimize their next target.   So people are speaking out and sharing their stories. And men have stories too.

The actor Terry Crews came out and shared a story of being groped at a party. This stuff happens to men too.

We cannot fix this problem – unless we face the problem. Coming forward and being open about the trauma and assaults – is healthy.

The next step is – well – what do we do with this information. Ideally – we want to make sure that fewer people are victimized. And while I’m not an expert on sexual assault – I can help with the harassment part of the dynamic.

There are ways to stop and eliminate harassment including sexual harassment. Speaking up and reporting – is part of that. To learn more about how to create an effective strategy – get my book, join the website and learn more.