The emotional & strategic benefits of accepting reality

Victims of bullying and of stalking will often deny that it is happening. This isn’t healthy or helpful.

The price of rejecting reality is highIn order to solve your problem, you have to accept you have a problem to solve. I was stalked. It took me over a year to admit to myself that it was happening. This despite law enforcement and mental health experts telling me – what I was describing was stalking.

I am not a dense person. I don’t normally lie to myself, or at least I don’t think I do. The problem was that the reality was so terrifying that I couldn’t get my mind to accept it.

When I finally did I was finally able to take proactive steps to protect myself and to fix the situation by learning what it is I needed to be doing to make it stop.

Hoping that whatever is happening to you will just stop, rarely works. All you are doing when you do that is ignoring the problem and hoping it will magically just go away. Unfortunately, when it comes to bullying, that doesn’t work.

In order to get it to stop, you have to take some proactive actions. The good news is that these actions aren’t that hard to do. Standing up to a bully consists of having something planned you can say to make it clear what they are doing isn’t ok. You don’t have to get mad. You don’t have to get emotional. Just a calm matter of fact statement – that’s not ok – is all that is required. And you repeat as necessary and if they don’t stop – you report them – as necessary!

I realize that confronting the reality that something bad is happening to you is scary. But I assure you, once you accept that reality, you will finally start confronting it and in confronting it you will feel better about yourself and, you will be not only helping yourself, you will be helping others.

You can do this. You just need to be taught how. This website is designed to teach you how to get bullies to stop. My book lays out the step you need to take and how to successfully manage the retaliation when it happens. The toolkit program is there if you need additional help to create a strategy to take this one once and for all.

Don’t deny that you need help any longer. Learn what you need to do to make bullying stop.