Compassion for bullies

This woman tracked down her bullies and other women in middle school. What she learned, may surprise you.

“Being able to zoom out and get some perspective … underscored that we can never really know what’s going on in other people’s lives.”

The women who bullied her were quick to apologize and felt bad about what they had done. They had carried that guilt forward with them and it was weighing them down.

Everyone you meet is human. Everyone you meet is struggling. As a kid, this is super hard to understand, but expanding your thinking to understand even though you are being targeted by people, doesn’t make it about you. People are responding to their own problems and their own pressures. It really isn’t about you.

If you want to learn how compassion can help you cope successfully and even get bullying to stop, view the resources on this website. There are free video lessons and other resources available to help. Best of us, this is backed by behavioral science.