Imagine If – you weren’t afraid of bullies

What would you do if you were no longer afraid of being bullied?

bullytip13schoolWishful thinking? It doesn’t have to be. Getting unwanted behavior, like bullying, to stop is a skill that is actually fairly easy to learn.

I have literally taught a kid with language problems because she literally died from a drowning before being resuscitated – how to get a bully to stop – using her words! She had been suffering for months and within 2 days, had gotten her bully to stop. This really does work!

Part of my unending frustration is that we aren’t actively teaching these skills to kids.

If you were bullied as a child and no one ever taught you these skills, learn them. That is what this website and my book are for.

If you have a kid or know a kid who is being bullied, get this book, read it and coach them through the process. It really is easier than you think.

Yes, it does require a bit of courage. And yes, it does take kids some time to work up the courage to do this. But once they do, and it works, they are forever changed. The confidence a kid gets when they know how to get a bully to stop, is a fearlessness that will stay with them for life.

None of us should be afraid of bullies. Their behavior is predictable and easy to control. So don’t suffer anymore and don’t allow your child to suffer. Teach them what they need to learn and help them master these skills. They and you will be glad you did.

I have plenty of free material on this website – there is a free membership that will allow you to access many of the lessons and a toolkit if you are dealing with a chronic situation. I also have a book.

Learn this, teach this to your children, and then share this knowledge with others. Let’s raise a generation of kids who know how to compassionately stop bullying.