Self Care for The Bullied

Being bullied is traumatizing. Don’t neglect your mental health.

Bullying is traumatic. Support the victims don't blame them.There are two things people who are being bullied need to learn.

1) How to get a bully to stop – which is what this website is for. Seriously – there is a book and a LOT of free learning materials on this website. Take advantage of it, join the website and start learning how to get a bully to stop.

2) How to heal from the emotional trauma and scars that the bullying caused.

Bullying plays havoc with our self-esteem, with our sense of worth AND it can cause trauma, which can rewire the brain’s fear circuitry. If you have been bullied and have been emotionally traumatized by it, it isnt’ enough to get the bullying to stop, you also need to do some work to repair the damage that the bullying did to your thinking process.

The good news is that learning how to get a bully to stop is empowering and can help undue some of the damage by building confidence. But learning to be confident can only take you so far.

Once you get the bully to stop, if you find that you are still struggling with confidence issues or even PTSD, find yourself a professional mental health coach or therapist to help you learn further coping techniques and skills. A good counselor really can help. A word of caution. Therapist relationships are built upon trust. You have to trust the therapist for them to help you. So, you may have to shop around to find someone who is a good fit for you.

Good luck.