Using these techniques to help people

Behavioral conditioning is dangerous, use it wisely.boybooks

Understanding how you are conditioned by the conditions you find yourself in can help you chose your response to those conditions. It is powerful and empowering.

The thing is, this knowledge can also be used to train people too. Consciously. That scares a lot of people. And for good reason. Our responses to conditioning is instinctual, meaning it’s beyond our control to a certain extent.

We respond to variable reinforcement in a very predictable way. It strengthens our behavior. Which is precisely why people in abusive relationships have such a hard time getting out.

The reason I teach this is because it’s happening to us all the time anyway. Whether we acknowledge it or not, we are being subjected to social conditioning all the time. From the groups we are in to the interpersonal relationships we are in.

We are better able to resist that conditioning if we can identify it and label it and understand it. It allows us to get distance from the conditioning to understand it objectively and that objectivity helps us to resist.

So yes, these techniques can be used for evil. And they are, all the time. What I hope to accomplish by teaching them is enabling victims to resist so that they are not harmed by those who would do evil to them.

I’m actually not that concerned about teaching these techniques to psychopaths as they already know them. For other people who are habitually abusive, this knowledge won’t help them as they aren’t in control enough of their behavior to use these techniques anyway and are easily manipulated by others. So really, the only group that can really benefit and use this knowledge for good is victims. And it seems to me that not teaching them this as a defensive technique because we are worried about psychopaths is doing all of society a disservice.

If you are being victimized or know someone who is, you will benefit from learning this. Please join the website, learn it, use it to protect yourself and others and share it with others. Together we can create a more humane world by ensuring that people who are being victimized are protected.